NEW Self-Registration Process 

All users entering the Northeast Agencies web site will be required to set themselves up with their own username and password, no more using your Northeast Agent Code Number and Fax Number.  
Effective Immediately: you will be required to set up your own unique username and password to enter the Northeast Agencies website. You will initially use your Agent Code Number and Fax Number to get in and personalize your account. After that, every time you enter the Northeast Agencies’ website, you will need to use the username and password you created. (We recommend using your email address as your username.)
Once all staff / employees have created a username and password, the only time the Northeast Agent Code Number and Fax Number will be used is for new staff / employees that need to create a username and password for themselves.
Please follow Steps 1-3 to set-up your NEW Self-Registration Logon.

1st time logging into our site, login with your NEA Agent Code and Fax Number (without dashes)

Select “Licensed Agent Only” or “Employee of Agent” (please select only the button that applies)
Licensed Agent Only = Licensed Agent with Northeast Agencies
NOTE: Once the “Licensed Agent Only” button is selected and a username / password have been created, the “Licensed Agent Only” button will no longer appear and be accessible.
Employee of Agent = Support Staff of Licensed Agent  


The following box will appear for both the “Agent” and “Employee” once selected.
User Name (we recommend you use your unique email address)
Agency (will automatically appear)
First Name
Last Name
Email / Confirm Email
Password / Confirm Password (passwords are CaSe SeNsiTiVe)
The Username and Password you enter will be what you will use to log into our website from this point forward.
Note: Once you’ve clicked “Submit” you will be re-directed back to Login Page (as in Step 1 above) to enter your NEW Username and Password you have just created.

To login into the Northeast Agencies' website for all future visits, please use the “Username” and “Password” you have just created for yourself.

Should you have any questions regarding our Login Procedure please contact Northeast Office:
(844) 448-6843

Your patience during our Web Security transition is greatly appreciated!

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